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Taco Bell Application

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How to Apply Online With Taco Bell

If you love Mexican food with an American twist, chances are you love dining at Taco Bell. The restaurant chain operates over 5,800 restaurants in the United States alone, and it operates a total of over 6,400 restaurant locations around the world, making it one of the most popular fast food restaurants on the planet. Customers of the restaurant chain have become fond of food items such as tacos, quesadillas, burritos, nachos and many other specialty items. Additionally, the chain serves delicious beverage options from the Pepsi family of soft drinks. Thanks to these delicious food items and outstanding customer service, the chain is responsible for serving more than two billion consumers each year.

If you love Taco Bell and you are looking for a new employment opportunity, you might be interested in working for the chain. The company is always growing and it experiences a great deal of employee turnover. This means that the chain is constantly searching for talented and hard-working individuals to join its team. Full and part-time opportunities are available in most cases, and you do not need to have experience to work at one of the chain’s restaurants. To put yourself under consideration for a job with the company, you will need to complete the Taco Bell application for employment. It is easy to fill out, and the company makes it convenient for you by offering a couple different ways to complete it.

The ideal method for obtaining and completing the application is to visit one of the chain’s many restaurant locations. Since there are so many locations across the country, there is sure to be one very close to you. When you arrive, simply ask for an application from one of the employees.

For the best results, you should attempt to speak with a member of the management team when you visit. This way, you can find out which opportunities are available, plus you can familiarize yourself with your potential future boss. This will ensure that your name stays near the top of the list of potential candidates for employment. When you obtain the application from the store, you can stay to complete it, or you can take it home to work on so you can submit it on a later date.

A more convenient method for some is to apply for a position online. Since so many people lead busy lives, the company has set up an easy application process on its website. If you are interested in applying using the online procedure, simply visit the official website and click on the link that is marked for careers. The next page contains a button marked with the word Apply. Click this button and you will be taken to a page on which you can begin the application process. You can complete the application from home and submit it at your convenience, but it may take up to two weeks to hear a response from company representatives.

Regardless of how you complete the application, you will want to make sure you are honest and complete. Your application should stand out from the others, and you will need to make a great impression to earn an interview. As long as you take your time, you should be able to complete the application thoroughly.

Minimum Age to Work at Taco Bell: 16 years old

Taco Bell Hours of Operation: Hours vary by location; Typically Sun-Thurs: 10:00am-9:00pm; Fri-Sat: 10:00am-10:00pm; Drive-thru often open late

Job Positions & Income Information

At the restaurant-level, there are a few different positions of employment with Taco Bell. Full and part-time employees are needed throughout the day to ensure that operations run smoothly, and professional workers like managers must be on site to make sure that employees have direction and that customers are served in a timely manner. Most of the job opportunities are entry-level, so you should not be discouraged by a lack of experience.

The first type of employee at the restaurant-level is a Team Member. These employees are usually responsible for a number of tasks such as taking orders, operating cash registers, answering customer questions, cleaning and performing other duties. These workers can expect to earn a starting rate of pay between the minimum wage and $9.00 per hour.

Cashiers are sometimes hired by the company to act exclusively as cash register operators and order takers. These workers are not present in all stores, but they are very important to the locations in which they are staffed. Cashiers are responsible for taking orders, assisting customers with their transactions and distributing food items to the appropriate customers. Typically, cashiers earn the minimum wage or slightly more to start.

Some locations also employ exclusive cooks. In most restaurants, Team Members are charged with cooking duties, but some locations operate at maximum efficiency when there is a dedicated cook handling food preparation. These workers are charged with preparing food orders and operating kitchen equipment. To start, cooks usually get paid slightly more than the minimum wage.

Managers make up the final category of employment at the restaurant-level. These professional workers are responsible for ensuring efficient and effective daily operations, plus they are in charge of hiring employees. Additionally, they perform training programs, schedule workers and assist with various customer issues. Depending upon location, department and experience, Managers can earn a yearly salary between $20,000 and $40,000.

Taco Bell Benefits

As a new employee of Taco Bell, you can begin earning some impressive benefits immediately. These include paid training, flexible scheduling, competitive compensation and numerous advancement opportunities. Long-term employees can become eligible for additional perks such as paid vacation time, health insurance and retirement planning. These benefits are augmented by a terrific working environment.

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Helpful Things to Know About Taco Bell

If you have been contacted by management for an interview after submitting your Taco Bell application, you will need to prepare yourself well. The best way to do so is to learn some facts about the company to impress your hiring manager. To get you started, the first thing you should remember is that the restaurant chain was founded by Glen Bell in Downey, California in 1962. Since then, the restaurant chain has grown to include nearly 6,500 locations around the world. You should also be able to recall that the chain is owned and operated by Yum! Brands. This information, when presented at the right time, can mean the difference between you obtaining employment and continuing to look for a job.

Read More About Taco Bell at : http://www.tacobell.com/Company

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