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How to Apply Online With Subway

If you are ready for a new job, or you are interested in joining the workforce for the first time, you should consider a career with Subway. The restaurant chain is one of the fastest growing food franchises in the world, and it has more restaurants around the globe than any other single-brand restaurant franchise. With steady growth and over 36,000 locations located in 98 different countries, Subway is always looking for talented new employees to join its team. Whether you have experience or not, you should think seriously about completing the Subway application for a terrific career opportunity.

Subway is known for its submarine sandwiches, but the chain also sells salads, pizzas, chips, soft drinks, breakfast foods and desserts. The restaurant is much different from other fast-food chains in that all of its ingredients are fresh. Also, when you order from Subway, your food is prepared in front of you. This gives customers the opportunity to customize their sandwiches. For example, if you want extra cheese, you can tell the so-called Sandwich Artist exactly how much cheese you would like. Under other circumstances, you might want to avoid certain ingredients on your sandwich. For instance, you could order the popular B.M.T. Sandwich and have it made without salami. When you order from Subway, you have limitless possibilities, plus you can see that the ingredients are incredibly fresh. Because Subway is so much different from other fast-food chains, it may be attractive to you as a possible work opportunity, even if you are reluctant to work in the food industry.

To gain employment with the company, you must complete the Subway application for employment. The application only takes a short time to complete, and it is the only way to put your name under consideration for employment with the company. For your convenience, there are a couple of different ways for you to complete the application. The best way is to visit the Subway location nearest you and ask for an application directly. Then, you can take time in the restaurant to fill it out and submit it. If you take this approach, you should try to visit the store during the daytime hours so that you can speak with the location’s manager, if possible. When you do this, you make a strong impression on management and you show that you can complete a task efficiently.

If you are unable to visit a Subway location in person, you can complete the Subway application online, as well. To do this, simply visit the company’s website and click on the tab marked Careers. This will lead you to a page on which you can complete the application for employment. Once you have filled the application out, it is submitted to company management for their perusal. Regardless of how you complete the application, you should remember to be honest and thorough in your responses to the questions. This will give you the best chance of being called in for an interview.

Minimum Age to Work at Subway: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Subway?)

Subway Hours of Operation: Hours vary by location; Typically 10:00am-10:00pm

Job Positions & Income Information

If you are hired at the restaurant after submitting your Subway application, you will begin work as an entry-level employee unless you have prior experience. Regardless, when you begin work, you will go through a comprehensive training process. At the store level, there are two main categories of employment – Sandwich Artist and Manager. Most new employees are hired as Sandwich Artists.

Sandwich Artists are the people with whom most customers interact when they visit the restaurant. Though the job title may seem specific, Sandwich Artists are responsible for completing a number of tasks. These tasks include food preparation, greeting customers, operating cash registers, taking orders, cleaning and other tasks as directed. Because these employees have so much interaction with the public, they must possess good people skills and positive attitudes. A good work ethic is also necessary for prospective Sandwich Artists. Generally, new Sandwich Artists earn the minimum wage when they begin working. However, advancement opportunities and raises are available for those who demonstrate excellence at the job.

Managers at Subway are in charge of the big picture aspects of running the restaurants. They are responsible for hiring and firing workers, scheduling employees, offering motivation to restaurant associates and overseeing the day to day operations at the restaurant level. Positions in management are varied, and they can include Senior Sandwich Artists, shift managers, assistant managers, and head store managers. Since management positions with Subway are so varied, the wages managers can earn are highly varied, as well. Depending upon a number of factors, new managers at Subway can expect to earn salaries between $20,000 and $60,000.

Subway Benefits

If your completed Subway application leads to an employment position with the company, you can expect to earn a number of benefits in addition to your regular paycheck. These benefits include competitive compensation, paid training, flexible schedules, an exciting work environment and advancement opportunities. These benefits are available to all employees, whether they are full or part-time workers. Some long-term employees may be eligible for additional benefits such as health insurance, life insurance, retirement plans, paid vacation time and discounts on restaurant items.

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Helpful Things to Know About Subway

Any time you apply for a new job, you should take some time to learn about your prospective employer. You may be very familiar with Subway, but it is a good idea to learn some specific facts about the company before you complete the Subway application. First of all, you should know that the company is owned by Doctor’s Associates. The first restaurant was opened in 1965 in Bridgeport, Connecticut. These days, the company’s headquarters are located in Milford, Connecticut. You should also do some research on Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle, as well as some of the chain’s more popular promotions such as the Five-Dollar Foot Long sandwich. If you can share these facts, you can prove that you have learned some important information about the company. This will surely impress management when it is time for your interview.

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