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JCPenney Application Online – Apply for a Job at JCPenney

JCPenney ApplicationApply for Jobs at JCPenney online

Application For JCPenney Online : The JCPenney printable application forms are not available here. If you need to apply for full time or part time jobs at JCPenney. You must apply for an employment at the link above. There are many vacant positions depend on the locations.

How to Apply Online With JCPenney

If you enjoy spending time shopping at the mall, you have probably spent some time and money in a JCPenney store. The company operates over 1,100 stores in all 50 U.S. states, and most of them are located in malls. Typically, the company’s stores operate as so-called anchors in the malls in which they are located. This means that the stores occupy some of the best retail space, plus they act as magnets to attract customers to the mall, in general. The chain offers numerous items for sale including clothing, housewares, electronics, cosmetics and various other household goods. The chain stocks most of the top brands across various industries, plus it offers numerous exclusive product lines.

If shopping at JCPenney is something you enjoy, you might also enjoy working for the company. JCPenney stores offer a multitude of employment opportunities in entry-level and professional positions. Regardless of your experience or training, there is a job available for you and your specific talents as long as you are willing to learn and work hard. When you work at JCPenney, you are exposed to some of the best deals in retail, plus you get the opportunity to serve the public in a meaningful way. If this interests you, you will need to complete the JCPenney application for employment which is the necessary first action in becoming an employee of the company.

In order to apply for a job with the company, you can either apply in person, or online. For the best results, it is recommended that you visit a store location so you can apply in person. This method works more quickly and it gives you a better chance of becoming hired. Simply visit the store location closest to you and request an application from one of the workers. You can stay in order to complete the JCPenney application immediately, or you can take it home to work on at your convenience. Regardless, you should also ask to speak to a manager while you visit the store. Doing this allows you to learn about the available employment opportunities, plus it gives you the chance to introduce yourself to management. If you make a positive impression, you stand a great chance of being selected for an interview once you submit the JCPenney application.

If you cannot visit one of the company’s stores in order to complete the application, you can apply online quite easily. All you have to do is visit the website and search for open positions in your area. Once you select a job that interests you, you will be taken to a page on which you can fill out the application. Take your time completing it so that it is free of errors, and be sure to be as thorough and honest as possible. Once you submit the JCPenney application online, you may have to wait up to two weeks to hear a response from the company.

Minimum Age to Work at JCPenney: 16 years old

JCPenney Hours of Operation: Typically Mon-Sat: 10:00am-9:30pm; Sun: 11:00am-6:00pm

Job Positions & Income Information

There are numerous employment opportunities available from JCPenney. Many locations feature specialized departments which require skilled workers. However, you are probably looking for a basic job at the store-level. In this case, there are three distinct classes of employment at each location.

The most basic position of employment at the store-level is the Sales Associate. These entry-level workers must perform a variety of basic duties while learning more about the company and receiving additional training. Primarily, Sales Associates are responsible for assisting customers in all of the store’s different departments. They answer questions, stock shelves and racks, plus they are charged with other duties as directed by management. Sales Associates must be at least 16 years of age to work for the company, and they typically make the minimum wage to start.

Loss Prevention associates are specialized workers who are responsible for protecting stores from theft by customers as well as employees. In most cases, these workers come to the job with previous experience, but they can be hired without experience in some instances. These workers need to be 18 years of age or older to apply, and they earn a starting wage between $10.00 and $12.00 per hour.

The final category of general employment at JCPenney is in management. Managers are responsible for ensuring that store operations run smoothly, and they must direct Sales Associates and other workers in their jobs. At the store-level, there are numerous managerial positions. These job titles include supervisors, assistant managers and general store managers. In most cases, managers enter work at JCPenney with prior experience, but the company will train the right individuals regardless of experience. Depending upon job title, location and experience, managers can earn yearly salaries between $25,000 and $80,000. Since managers can earn so much, it is important to list any previous managerial experience on your JCPenney application.

JCPenney Benefits

Employee benefits are important for the morale of a company’s employees. In order to keep its best workers, JCPenney offers some important benefits to its workers. When you start with the company, you can take advantage of benefits such as flexible scheduling, paid training, an excellent work atmosphere and a number of opportunities for career growth with the company. These benefits are available to all new employees whether they are full or part-time workers.

Long-term workers who are employed full-time can become eligible for even more benefits. Health and wellness programs, insurance coverage and retirement planning perks are available. Additionally, some employees can earn paid vacation time in order to take occasional breaks from work to refresh and recharge.

About JCPenney Company

JCPenney was founded in Kemmerer, Wyoming in 1902, making it one of the oldest retailers in the country. The company was started by a man named James Cash Penney, from whom the store took its name. Currently the company’s headquarters are located in Plano, Texas, and the chain includes over 1,100 stores across the country. If you can remember these facts about the company, you may be able to impress your hiring manager if you are called in to participate in an interview. To give you the best chance, you should take time to remember these facts and others after you have submitted your JCPenney application. By doing so, you will make the best possible impression.

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