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With over 7,000 stores across the United States and Puerto Rico, CVS has grown to become the nation’s second-largest pharmacy chain. The company, which was founded in 1963 in Lowell, Massachusetts, sells prescription drugs in addition to a number of household items and groceries. Most of the company’s stores are located in extraordinarily convenient locations, which means that customers are never far away from a CVS store. Because the company’s stores are so popular, the chain has expanded significantly in recent years, and it is always searching for talented new employees to ensure that customers continue to choose CVS for their prescription drug and household shopping needs. If you are interested in a job with the company, the first step is to complete the CVS application for employment.

Whether you are looking for a full or part-time opportunity, there are positions available at CVS which will suit you and your employment needs perfectly. You do not need to have special skills to work for the company, but if you have experience in the pharmacy or retail industries, you will have an excellent chance of finding employment. All people are encouraged to complete the CVS application in order to be considered for positions at the store level, and those professionals who have training in pharmacy operations are especially urged to apply. Filling out the CVS application only takes a few minutes, and it can lead to a wonderful career.

If you are ready to find employment with CVS, you can complete your application in a couple of different ways. The best way to do so is to visit one of the company’s convenient locations to obtain an application in person. If you go during daytime hours, you may even be able to speak with the store manager to find out which opportunities are available at the store. Completing the CVS application in person is the best way to show the employees and management that you are dedicated to finding employment with the company. If you can, you should try to complete the application while you are on site. This way, you can ensure that you make the best possible impression.

You might not have the time or ability to visit a store in order to complete the CVS application. If this is the case, you should complete the application online. This process is incredibly convenient, plus it allows you to fill out the application at your preferred pace. If you are interested in applying this way, simply visit the CVS Caremark website and click on the link indicating career opportunities for retail store hourly work. If you have additional experience, you can choose the appropriate links for executive and pharmacy positions.

Minimum Age to Work at CVS: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at CVS?)

CVS Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Job Positions & Income Information

Even if you have no prior experience in the workforce, you can find a great job with CVS as long as you are willing to work hard and dedicate yourself to learning about the company’s operations. At the store level, there are many positions available for entry-level employees as well as experienced pharmacy workers. Because CVS has such a large reach as a company, its many stores have different needs. Regardless, there are always opportunities available for those qualified individuals who have completed the CVS application.

The employment positions available at CVS are for full and part-time workers. The most basic position at the store level is the In-Store Customer Service position. These workers are responsible for customer service, handling money, stocking shelves, cleaning, handling customer exchanges and returns and performing light maintenance duties. If you are hired for this job, you can expect to earn the minimum wage to start.

If you have indicated experience working with photography on your CVS application, you may be considered for a job in the Photo Lab. Photo Lab employees are charged with performing customer service, handling money and maintaining equipment. Additionally, these workers are responsible for photo finishing services. Typically, these employees earn about $9.00 to $10.00 per hour to start.

Perhaps a position in the Beauty Care department would suit you. If you have an eye for style and you are familiar with various beauty products, you should include the information when you complete your CVS application. Workers in the Beauty Care department are responsible for helping customers with cosmetic needs. Generally, Beauty Care department workers start earning a wage of about $10.00 per hour.

If you are experienced in pharmacy operations, you may qualify for a position as a Pharmacy Service Associate. These workers are responsible for assisting pharmacists and operating the checkout stations in the pharmacy department. They may also be charged with answering the phone and performing some maintenance and cleaning duties. Starting work as a Pharmacy Service Associate can earn you an hourly wage from $9.00 to $12.00 depending upon experience and location.

Managers at CVS are there to ensure that daily operations run smoothly and efficiently. They hire and fire employees, plus they make the work schedules. Each store employs Shift Supervisors, Assistant Managers and Store Managers. If you have experience in management, and you are willing to put in the necessary work, you can earn a yearly salary between $20,000 and $50,000 to start. Be sure to indicate your prior management experience when you complete the CVS application if you want to be considered for this position.

CVS Benefits

CVS is one of the best retail environments in which a person can be employed. The company’s atmosphere is relaxed, but professional which means that your work hours should be relatively stress-free. In addition to the wonderful work environment, you will be eligible for benefits such as flexible scheduling, paid training, competitive compensation and others as a new employee. CVS associates who have been with the company for a significant amount of time can become eligible for additional benefits such as paid vacation time, health insurance and future planning perks.

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Helpful Things to Know About CVS

Before you submit your CVS application, you should spend some time learning about the company. Your knowledge may be helpful in differentiating yourself from other applicants. If you are unfamiliar with CVS, you should know that the company was founded in 1963. Currently, its headquarters are located in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Also, the company currently operates over 7,000 stores. Additionally, it will be helpful for you to know that CVS is active in a number of charities on both the local and national stages.

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