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Job hunting can be stressful, especially when you have to go from one place of business to the next collecting applications. makes it easy to gather all of the applications you need so you can quickly and conveniently fill them out at home on your own time. As with any job application, first impressions are of the utmost importance, and this goes beyond what you wear to that first interview. Filling out a job application with colorful gel pens and embellishing them with stickers may seem to make your application stand out from the crowd, but this is viewed as unprofessional in most establishments. Always fill out the form with black or blue ink ballpoint pens. If you want to stand out from the crowd, draw a smiley face in the top corner just makes sure it’s in black or blue ink.

Don’t leave out any vital information. Your application is your chance to shine, so make the most of it. Never leave any information blank such as sections that ask for your driver’s license number or address. These things may seem irrelevant for someone who isn’t exactly hired yet, but skipping the formalities can hurt your chances of being called back for an interview. A simple “N/A” (not applicable) is perfectly acceptable in situations where you do not have a driver’s license or other required information.

Whatever you do, read the instructions carefully and then reread them again before making a mark on the job application. Although you can download multiple copies of applications from, you don’t want to submit a copy that has excessive mistake marks. Keep the application looking neat and tidy. Some questions may require extensive answers and only provide a few lines of space. If this is the case, handwriting or type your response on a separate sheet of clean white paper and write “attached” in the question section.

Always tailor your job application answers to the job for which you are applying. While you may be tempted to make several copies of the same resume, it’s best to rewrite it each time according to the position at hand. This way you can focus your experience and education skill set toward the job you are hoping to land. This helps you stand out from the long list of other applicants who may be submitting generic applications and resumes. Don’t forget to include a list of organizations and clubs, school activities, or volunteer work that you are involved in since this makes you look like a team player and a go-getter. As with the resume, rewrite your cover letter for every position and try to find out the hiring manager’s name beforehand so you can include it in the letter.

Avoid salary-specific questions that ask what you want to be earning at the company. The truth of the matter is, you just don’t know what hourly rate or base salary with which the company will start you out, and answering well above or even below their standard starting point can put you at risk of losing a job interview opportunity. A better alternative is to write “negotiable” or “open for discussion” under any salary-specific question.

Although it seems obvious, make sure the information on your application is consistent with the information on your resume. You want all names, titles, dates, etc. to match up so there are no questions as to the authenticity of the information. This may become tedious work if you have downloaded multiple types of applications from different companies, since each have their own way of asking for the same information, but bear with it. Applications may consist of a concise single page to intensive multiple pages with mini essay questions. Always take your time filling out each one to better your chances of receiving an interview.

Be precise on your job application. Answering the question of which position you desire with “any” makes you seem complacent. Businesses want ambitious, outgoing employees who can make up their minds in order to make quick decisions on the job. If you can’t decide ahead of time which position you would like, a hiring manager can view that as indecisive. If you are currently employed it’s perfectly acceptable to state that you would be available to start work only after giving a two weeks’ notice. This shows the hiring manager that you are on good terms with your current employers and more likely to show your future employer the same. is here to offer the most detailed job information currently available, as well as the best advice on applying for and landing the jobs you want. With job applications available in a variety of areas, including grocery store, retail, pharmacy, fast food, and department stores, there’s something here from which everyone can benefit.